The Early Risers fourth meeting in 2021


Welcome to our April 2021

Virtual Meeting 

We've kept busy this month. 
Here's what's been happening...

Firstly, let us hope that Les B fully recovers from
the Stroke he had recently and that he will be able
to join us again soon!

...Thank you Phil, Les V, Jeff, Andrew, Mark, Hugh, Martin, Tref, Tim, Roger Geoff and Sean.

Click on the images to see most of them larger!






“Here is what I have been up to over the last few weeks.

Tamiya 35215 Panzer III l 
More progress on painting all the wheels and sundry parts, now only final assembly and decals to go. I have found a photo of a 10th Panzer Div. vehicle in Tunisia which has similar turret number to the Tank Museum’s example, so this will be my finish on this one. hope to finish soon.

Dragon 6106. Sdkfz 250/9 Neu.
Progress on this as well, the body has now been assembled, only the turret to finish. Hope to finish in the next few weeks.

ICM 35650 Liberty 3 ton truck WW1
Have now got the chassis done along with the cab, painted the engine and found a good match for the khaki drab paint colour - Lifecolour UA 221 khaki olive drab FS34088 - it comes out a lovely khaki brownish drab colour. So more progress on this one too, so hope to finish soon.

ICM 35373 Panhard 178 armoured car
This is now awaiting painting as I have now completed its body shell. Goes together really well. This will be French army 1940 in green and brown. Hope to finish very soon.

Italeri 6546 Opel Blitz Maultier
with Nebelwerfer mounted on the back

Have now detailed the interior a bit, having added a throttle pedal, straps to hold the spare Nebelwerfer rockets in the racks, then put the top of the body on. Lo and behold, virtually nothing can be seen inside – but I know it’s in there! Just need to paint to go to complete.

Now have a halt for a few days as the central heating boiler is to be replaced. So I’ve had to clear the small bedroom to access the radiator and to clear some other bits ready for them to start on Monday the 12th of April. Not much being done ‘til Thursday."