ERs at Bovvy!

The Earley Risers returned to the South West Model Show, held at Bovington Tank Museum.

This is the first time we've displayed there after their major refurbishment.

As usual, Jeff made his way down there on Friday to find out where our tables were and then set up the cloths.
On Saturday, Steve went down to help populate the stand. He had to fight his way through a phalanx of Daleks! Peter also popped by and helped man the stand for a while. Jeff returned on Sunday and was joined by Tim, Sean and Rolly

The Earley Riser catches the Dalek unawares!

Steve and Jeff all set up!

View from the stand in the Tamiya hall on Saturday

Steve's side...

...and Jeff's

Jeff returned on Sunday...

...with Rolly, Tim and Sean

Tim's and Jeff's models

... and Sean's

They had visitors from further afield...