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Rules & Regulations - 2022 edition 2

The Summer Competitions are normally held annually at the May meeting

The Earley Risers Challenge Cup & Risers Plate

The Challenge Cup and Earley Risers Plate competitions are each split into three classes; Airborne, Landborne, & Seaborne.

Challenge Cup

For any  modified  model & open to all paid up members of the club.

• Entries may be modified at will from any combination of kit parts or be scratch built.
• Additional figures are permitted, such as a ships crew, passengers etc.
• It may be prudent for the modeller to place written notes and/or pictoral evidence alongside their entry, to bring to the attention of the judges the amount of detailing and/or conversion undertaken.

Earley Risers Plate

For any unmodified model built to the kit instructions & open to all paid up members of the club.

• Entries must conform to IPMS definitions of  “straight from the box” i.e. only elements of the kit may be used, hatches and canopies may only be displayed open if that is possible without modifying kit items. Similarly control surfaces may only be displaced if separate kit items.
• Rigging, seat belts & aerials are allowed as are alternative markings and paint finish.
• Kit instructions should be available and/or displayed with the model.
• One additional figure is allowed on the base (to indicate scale) over and above the crew  provided in the kit.
• It may be of benefit to the modeller to indicate to the judges if their entries are either of resin or vac-formed origin.

General Rules

• All entries must have been completed (Finished, not necessarily started) in the 12 months since previous May Competitions.
• There will be an entry fee of £1.00 per entry for the first 3 models and no extra charge for each additional entry, to be paid before judging commences. e.g. a modeller entering a diorama with three models nominated and two other separate entries would pay £3.00.
• There is no limit to number of entries from each individual.
• It is up to each individual to check if their models are eligible for the category/trophy that they enter them into.
• Any suspected infringement of the rules must be brought to the attention of the Branch Secretary, or Competition Secretary before judging commences.

Each of the classes will be judged by secret ballot from attending current, fully paid up club members to decide Class winners, who may each be awarded a certificate at a later date.
There will be a second ballot of each of the three class winners (where applicable) in the Challenge Cup & Earley Risers Plate to decide overall First, Second and Third models in each of the Competitions.

Prize monies
There will be no prize monies awarded

Note: The Cup/Plate winners will decide between themselves which one of their models will be entered into the IPMS(UK) Class 95 Branch Champion competition at the following Scale ModelWorld in November. (Subject to eligibility)

Note: The Cup/Plate winners will not be eligible to enter the same competition the following year but may be called on to adjudicate in the event of a tie for the award. However they are still eligible to enter for Other Awards & Trophies.

In the event of a tie for an award the adjudication team will select the winner.

Other Awards and Trophies

Qualifying models/dioramas may be entered for any of these awards in addition to the above competitions.
If in doubt, ask.

The Earley Risers Jubilee Cup
Any model that complies with the theme of the ER’s stand at the previous year’s Scale ModelWorld.
The model can have been on the stand, or have been completed before or after SMW.

The Mick Marshall Memorial Claret Jug
A new part of the Summer Competitions, to commemorate one of the founders of our club and his love of modelling.
It will be presented for the Best Post War British aircraft in 1:48 scale.
This will include any Military or Civilian aircraft that was manufactured in the UK, in British service or reached prototype after 1945

The Curtis Trophy
Single or groups of figures and/or animals. Entries should be predominantly figures - not machines, e.g. A tank crewman sitting on a complete tank is not eligible.
• Models can range from stock to scratch built and be complete figures, busts or flats. They can be dropped into ER Plate and CC categories, as they are naturally either SFTB or modified (see above) • Subject matter can range from fantasy through to military and civilian • Entries can be any scale • They are eligible for all other trophies/awards as applicable • Groundwork and total presentation will be part of the judging criteria .

Diorama Cup
For the best diorama. Entries may consist of any combination of Airborne, Landborne and Seaborne models and must consist of at least two individual models on a scenic base.
• The overall theme must be indicated at the start of the competition (A, L, or S).
• If any item does not fulfill the conditions of the Earley Risers Plate then the diorama must be entered into the Challenge Cup Competition.
• Individual models, but not ground works, may be nominated by the builder, prior to the start of the competition for any other awards & trophies.
• Please note the rules governing the subs for the number of entries apply.

1/35 scale Military Plaque
Entries may be either Figure, Airborne, Landborne, Seaborne models or Dioramas that are of a military nature in 1/35 scale. (10% tolerance ie. 1/32)

The George Clark Naval Cup
Entries may be either; Figure, Airborne, Landborne or Seaborne models or Dioramas that must have a naval theme.

America’s Best Award
Entries may be in any scale of a subject produced in America but may be in service with any nation.

Dressed in Civvies
Any civilian subject. Includes military equipment in civilian service, dressed in mufti.

Branch Secretary's Whimsey
Automatic entry for all models in Competitions.
Any entry that, in the Branch Secretary's opinion, has prize-winning qualities warranting some mention.

Tim’s Progress Plate
Automatic entry for all models in Competitions.
For the model/diorama that, in Tim's opinion, shows the entrant has made the most progress in the past year.