Welcome to our July meeting

Just a few made it to this month's meeting - several others were away, either for work or holiday.

Les B Les is recovering a little and is hoping to be home from hospital in a few weeks.

Because of holidays, family committments and other work related things, ony a few ERs mangaed to attend this month's meeting.

Jeff, Liz and Steve turned out for the full session, while Tim managed half a day and Les V brought along his latest creations...

Liz with Santa Maria

Jeff with M-12 gun carriage

 Tim with Jerry cans!    

Steve's railway engine

Les V's brace of Eduard ....?

Some managed to send in reports. Thanks Phil, Simon, Roger and Peter.


"Been a slow month model-wise – I have added a few to the stash but with various things going on at Chez May, I haven’t found much time to get to the bench.

That said, I did complete a 1/9 scale bust of a Pirate, complete with parrot, which took me five sessions. I’m pleased with the result but it’s one of those figures that leave you wondering….why did I buy that?

I was also challenged to paint a F6F-5 Hellcat drone from Operation Citadel – the US Atomic Bomb tests at Bikini Atoll in June 1946. There were a large number of time-served Hellcats used to fly through the atomic cloud and collect air samples.  I had an Eduard F6F-5 in 1/48in the stash, so that is on the bench as we speak, and I hope to have it done for next month. Pretty colours!"

Stay well all.


"I am unable to come along this weekend as I need to go up north on an errand. 

I have however been at the modelling bench. I thought I would tackle something simple and a straight out of the box build so I plumped for the Heller 1:24 Citroen Fourgon HY van. Alas after being lulled into a false sense of ,this all fits together rather nicely, it has rapidly descended into neither simple or straightforward or nicely! The front panel and interior engine cowling would not sit properly on the chassis, so the roof and doors had rather large gaps in. I did a little surgery and it all now fits. My next adventure will be the wheels. They are white walled and I bought a replacement set of resin ones as recommended to make this process easier than painting the rubber ones supplied with the kit. Yeah Right is all I will say at this point."

"Once again stay safe and happy modelling till next month."

"I have also progressed with the Airfix M4A3(76)W Sherman and the Miniart Diorama base for it to sit on. Still very early days but pleased with how it is progressing."


Comper Streak

This is one I started at last month’s meeting. The wing was formed with thin plasticard over balsa. You can just about see the pencil marks that mark where the wings need to be trimmed to give a slight leading edge sweep. The fuselage will be about 50% plasticard and 50% Squadron White Stuff.

Lindberg 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

A modern reissue of the Pyro kit from the ‘60s. I was quite pleased with this one, though it’s odd that it should be nearly an inch shorter than the Gunze Sangyo Bel Air Coupe which is also 1/32 scale… I started to get suspicious when I put it next to the Airfix Sunbeam Rapier and it was barely any larger, given that my impression of real Bel Airs (or should that be Bels Air?) at shows is of their size, which I don’t think would have struck me if they were the size of a Hillman Minx.

Mikro-Mir Blackburn Beverley

This one’s going OK apart from a bit of a paint-lifting problem when I removed the first bit of masking tape. The result can be seen in the photo.

Pyro Bugatti Type 57S Atalante

I put some paint on the body today. Hitherto, the work has largely consisted of tidying up the bits where the parts had been snapped off the runners and sticking the firewall and various chassis cross-members back on the parts they had been inexplicably removed from by the previous owner. Don’t tell Hugh, but I may just stick Matchbox Aston Martin wheels on it in place of the kit wheels.

Rareplanes De Havilland Dove

This has been sitting half finished for a couple of years because I had mislaid the tailplanes. Having found one of them (still no idea where the other went) I have made the port one from plastic card. It doesn’t quite match the starboard one, but that’s probably a good thing.


Busy month, but only in the garden with cutting 300 feet of hedge. However, have managed to  re-organise my work room after acquiring a glass display cabinet off EBay which will need additional glass shelves.