What have we been up to this month?

Welcome to our May 2021

Virtual Meeting 

We've kept busy this month. 
Here's what's been happening...

...Thank you Andrew, Jeff, Phil, Martin, George, Simon,
Peter, Hugh, Roger ....and from Steve.

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“Here is what I’ve been up to this month.

Dragon 6779 Panzer IVD DAK
I’d started this many months ago. It was in a pile of boxes in the garage, so dug it out to see how far I had got into the kit. I had built about 89% of it, so I have been adding more of the small parts including quite a lot of photoetch onto the model for the last 2 days. Now nearly complete going to be 4/pz.Rgt.8 15 pz.Div. Libya 1941. Should be finished soon.

Italeri 6457 Opel Blitz gas powered truck
Something else that has been sitting around nearly finished for several years. I used some solder to make the pipes to connect the main condenser to the engine, made some connections and put the decals on. Which now leaves the mud flaps to add to the rear of the truck and the mirror, plus putting some resin crates in the back to finish. Should be completed very soon.

Tamiya 215 Panzer III l
Again, more progress now nearly finished. Just decals to put on and the tracks to finish.
More on the tracks: Masterclub metal track links.Really nicely cast track links but they are supplied with resin pins to fit into both sides. I have tried drilling the link holes to the correct size but the pins do not fit well and keep breaking off. So, have made new pins from 0.6mm brass wire to fit. They now just need painting and final fitting to complete the model.

Trumpeter 5540 Komintern artillery tractor
Another of my ‘started and stopped for whatever reason’ kits! The chassis is built and I had put one set of the kit links on, but found I was short of a couple of links to do the left hand side. So ended up getting a set of Masterclub track links and have stripped the originals off the kit and re-pinned the new links. Which just leaves painting the tracks to complete the model. Finished soon.

Trumpeter 02325 A19 122mm howitzer mod 1937
Another model that has been started but not finished. Lots of tiny plastic and etched parts to fit. Have now got most of it together. Just have to paint it and hook this gun to the back of the Komintern tractor for a good display piece. Should be finished fairly soon.

There are also all the other items mentioned in the last few months ongoing as well. Everything has slowed down recently due to having a new c/heating boiler/hot water tank and now a couple of radiators replaced. Hopefully done soon.

That’s all for this month, best wishes to all and hope you all stay well.”



“I was photographing the Flyhawk 1/700 HMS Legion thinking I had finally finished her when my finger caught the base which hit the after mast which brought down the yard and wireless aerials and snapped several 4” brass gun barrels which flying through the air and into a distant Universe .
So reluctantly I’m still working on her and on the market for some new brass 4” barrel.

1/700 ships are a hard task master!”


"Yet another month has rushed by, and although we are now seeing some more positive moves on the Covid front, it still feels like the brakes are on. There are some rumblings on the show front, but time will tell on that score.  

Busy again this month with both figures and plastic. I got the Academy T-33 finished, opting for South Korean markings. As it was, the decal sheet was a bit fragile and I had some struggles with some of the bigger markings. It was a kit I’d had in my stash for quite a few years, having ‘inherited’ it from my late brother’s collection. Remarkably, it was still bagged and as new, which was unusual for him. I’m quite pleased with how it came out.

Also, as mentioned last meeting, I have finished a Warhammer 40k piece. Again, this one has been around for a long time. Maureen bought it for me as a Christmas stocking filler sometime in the early 2000s. Every time the postie dropped off another figure I’d ordered, she would “remind” me that she’d bought me a figure once and I’d never painted it. Eventually a couple of weeks ago I succumbed, and to be honest, I really enjoyed doing it. Completely out of my zone, but it bought me some Brownie points! Chaos Daemon Prince it’s called – probably now out of production.

On the bench at present, Academy SBU-3 Vindicator in 1/48 and Modelcraft 1/48 T6 Texan, oh, and a really nice 1/24 figure of an Air Transport Auxiliary lady pilot, based on a famous ‘Life’ magazine photo of Maureen Dunlop.

Stay safe all, and best wishes Les for a speedy return to the fold!"




“Panzer Kampfwagen IV nearly complete; Panzer Kampfwagen II started; Panther to follow then Jagdpanther.

I have brewed-up some X-20A thinners equivalent which does the job at a fraction of the cost. YouTube is great.

Our residents association have requested us not to cut our lawns (no mow May) to give the wild life a chance. Installed water butt 5 so doing my bit for water conservation too.

Both vaccines received so looking forward to some normality returning.”



He's back modelling again. Finished his Attacker and is now on a Special Hobby Barracuda II and Firefly. Just waiting to motorise the 'Cuda!



“Well finally I get to report some modelling.

I've been able to get some free time due to a dodgy leg and so I've knuckled down at the workbench and I have to confess enjoyed myself."





I've pretty much finished my 1/76 scale Diorama, which I've called ‘Mortar at the Oasis’ and I'm really pleased at how it's turned out, the initial base has been extended twice now because I wanted to add a little something. The extra space has allowed for a mortar team of sorts to be added to the scene.

"I plan to populate the diorama with some GI figures, which are a mix of Masterbox and Tamiya. Another baptism of fire. Boy oh boy I never realised the vast array of greens and brown's that seem to make up the GI uniform."


"I have also dabbled into 1/35 scale for the first time, the inspiration mainly due to helping a friend who likes to model the German army from WW2 in 1/35. I found the Miniart kit going cheap on Fleabay. And what a baptism of fire it has been. I didn't realise it was vac formed and required careful cutting out and joining. But I have learnt that squadron white putty mixed with Acetone really is a great medium to work with when filling holes on the building. I've always liked how people do battle damaged buildings and I'm chuffed to pieces with how my building is coming on." "I've waffled enough now and sadly my schedule is a bit busy for the next month so probably going to get nothing done at the desk. Happy modelling everyone and keep up the great builds.”


Airfix Sunbeam Rapier
“This was the worst of a box of old models that I bought at a toy fair a few years ago. This will be a somewhat long-term project, which should leave me with a Hillman Minx at the end of it.

Heston Phoenix
Finally getting around to giving this one some cabin windows. I think I need to finish something scratch-built.

Revell Lincoln Continental II
This is another half-complete model of someone else’s (I have a few!) Several bits are missing and need to be re-created; the instructions make no mention of clear parts, so the windows need to be made too.

Revell Boeing Rivet Joint
This one was the old Revell 1/144 AWACS, built by my brother in the mid-80s. I’ve been sticking lumps on it from time to time.


Welsh Models C-Class Empire Flying Boat 
Like all the other kits here, this one had been started by someone else before I bought it, though this time it was only drilling out the windows. I have a few more windows to add along with a couple of small bits, and a couple of the props need more playing with.”




“Since the last meeting I have buttoned up the fuselage on my Bulldog. I am currently scratch building some of the fine detail. This is the Potts oil cooler under construction. The plates looked too thick in 10thou so another one is under construction from 5 thou plastic card. I have also modified the brass pattern slightly. (It will be an aid in future scratch builds). Currently pondering on how to do the nav lights. They have a clear front hemispherical ‘lens’ on a tapered rear with a protruding underside mount all about 2mm long, dwarfing Andrew's 1:700 searchlights! I also need a light stores carrier under one wing; anyone know of a photo-etch one in 1:48?”


Busy month working in the garden, between showers and frost, so I have not actual done any modelling. However, I have redesigned my work/office which has taken a couple of weeks, so I have only had time to examine one of my future projects, though first I MUST finish the couple of kits currently in production. 

The model is a Meng Heavy Mk.V Male Tank with a full interior. There are 27 wheels on each side which means that there must be a total of 108 wheel parts. That should keep me busy for a few weeks. Whilst there is a lot of detail in the kit most appears to be hidden, which is a shame, so I am considering trying to workout away to make it into a cut-view model which will show how the tank works. 

...and Steve

1/32 Tamiya FAA Corsair continues to get more complicated, Just have to remould wingtip lights...and all the other bits to add!

Trumpeter's 1/32 Mig-21MF has moved on a pace. The tail panel is finished. just the spine detail, undercarriage bays ...and some painting to do! (NMF I think - Bangladesh AF) Finished the diorama - all in 1/76 scale! - of the Walcheren landings,(Holland WW2) - for a well known museum, full of AFVs, in Dorset.