Welcome to June 2021

Our first meeting since COVID started!
Whilst sticking to COVID restrictions, a number of ERs were able to meet in a socially distanced manner. Even masked, sanitised and sticking to 2 metres rule was better than Vertial and Zoom meetings!
Hugh, Liz & Steve, Jeff, Mick, Peter, Tim were able to model for either for the whole or part of the day. Roger popped in for a chat - and to pay his subs!

Hugh with his scratch-built 'planes...

Jeff put together fiddly tank bits...

Big Mick painted tiny things...

...Liz put together an egg plane, minion & ship...

Peter with his little Beverly...

Tim happily building military things...

 ...and Steve
scratch building a diesel engine

Some of those who couldn't make it to the COVID safe meeting have let us know what they've been up to during June.

Thanks Phil, Roger, George, Les V, Sean, Geoff and Simon.


"This month I have been kit-bashing, having completed a 1/72 Esci F-100D, a 1/72 Zvezda MiG-17 and a 1/48 Occidental T-6 Texan.
No photos of the first two – the F-100 canopy was mis-formed so I am awaiting a vac-form replacement – the MiG is suffering with after-market decalitis (Berna Decal African operators set 1 a total disaster – impossible to get off the backing sheet – odd?) 




"Stay safe all, and see you soon."

So the T-6 is the only photogenic subject. This was kitted by Modelcraft in Canada, but the sprues are the Occidental kit, which isn’t bad despite a couple of issues with short shots, which required me to scratchbuild the roll-over pylon. I had a set of Carpena decals for French versions so I did the two-tone yellow/silver scheme used on T-6s on close support in the Algerian campaign. I’m pleased with the outcome.

I did manage to squeeze in a ‘figure’
– this one is a little cartoon character of a dog in mediaeval armour, which took me three sittings. Maureen says I should do more of these!  Yeah, right…"


“This month I have made some progress on assembling a Centurion, this one is the Amusing Hobby Mk 5 version, though the build is currently paused for some painting ahead of final assembly.”


"As you can see I have been doing a limited amount of work on the Saladin MK2 starting with the primer, followed by spraying the base coat of sand yellow and finally adding the camouflage. I am still learning using the airbrush but I am starting to get the hang of it. Maybe need some more advice on things to watch for. 

A few mistakes with the painting which with luck will get hidden when I start weathering the vehicle. But it is all a learning curve and the more I do then hopefully the better I will get, (less mistakes to start with!)."


He's busy building an F35 in Royal Navy markings, as well as motorising a few prop-driven aircraft.

Les V

Les has held off from the F-104s as he has discovered the Eduard Zlin C37A in 1/72. He's now building loads of them!


Sd.Kfz.131 Marder II Panzerjäger II für Pak40/2 
Dragon | No. 6262 | 1:35
This month I’ve been focusing on the Marder as one of my “one I prepared earlier” for the nationals and its being built to go with a Tamiya Marder II that I think I put into competition at Colours (the then Armageddon as was) when it was still being held at the Hexagon.
It’s another open topped vehicle which always feels like twice the work! Like many of the Dragon models of the early 2000s it’s a kit of highs and lows. Much of it is brilliant but a few bits are horrible so there has been some scratch building and detailing required.
I’m now painting the interior parts, so far I’ve primed it all, given it a coat of hairspray and am in the process of applying base coat of paint and chipping it. This is always a bit hit and miss but so far so good.
I’m using a Blast models resin stowage set, their sets are really nice, and like to add it early in the build so I can really blend it into the model, which means there is a big lump of resin attached to the rear hull. Detailing the radio set is next up.


U.S. M8 Light Armored Car Greyhound
Tamiya | No. 35228 | 1:35
Greyhound has been shelved for a bit whilst I concentrate on the Marder. Exterior has now been completed, primed and given a base coat of Tamiya OD.  I’ve also finish making a base.

Republic F-84G 'Thunderbirds'
Tamiya | No. 61077 | 1:48
Finished a plane! Had fun with this, I made a base from an old chair leg so it could have an airborne feel. As it was a display aircraft, I’ve kept weathering to a minimum. Overall, it looks OK as long as you don’t look too close.

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I 
Tamiya | No. 61119 | 1:48
Enjoying building planes so have started another one. Picked up the Tamiya Spitfire, it will be built straight from the box of an aircraft that was lost over Dunkirk. This kit has got everything, photoetch straps, canopy masks etc and just falls together. I’ve no idea if its accurate but it look right and makes a nice change from adding nuts, bolts, welds and wiring to AFVs!
Not sure where this one will end up, I’ve got an old Airfix airfield set somewhere so might bring all that together.
I managed a day out to Bovi to see the new layout of the WWII hall. Its brill and focuses on the British and their adversaries which does mean most of the Russian stuff is now over in the restoration hall but it was great to be out. They have also taken the Weasel out of the LVT so you can get a good look at the cargo deck. With the end of Bronco I could also add to the stash with a clear clear conscience so I have now added A9 and an A13 British cruiser tanks to my collection, I feel a few BEF models coming!

That’s all folks I hope you and yours are well, see you soon


"My first foray into 1/35 is the Miniart Ruined Corner H­­ouse and I used the G.I figures from Tamiya and Miniart to furnish it. It's not finished yet, but I need to step away and do something different until I can finish it to how I think I can do it. I enjoyed the ruin building, learnt a lot of new techniques. The figures are a different kettle of fish. I'm not keen on them, practice I dare say will improve the finishes, but they are a necessary evil for a Diorama, (which I do like to see and do) so I will persevere and hopefully improve on how they look."

"...and as I'm a sucker for punishment I'm going for another personal nemesis of mine, a tracked vehicle/Tank. Which is the Airfix 1/35 Sherman. It'll be a one off, but I have got another Diorama in the pipeline for this to sit on and am looking forward to building this. Keep up the good work and happy modelling."