Yeovil 2019 show

The Earley Risers' Maiden Visit
to Yeovil Model Show

While Liz & Steve stayed nearby in overnight accommodation, Geoff and Big Mick got up really early and travelled down to the Yeovil Show. The show directions were great, we managed to get there without mishap - apart from Roly, who ended up taking a roundabout route!

Unfortunately, nobody seemed to know where our tables where - the show was spread accross several big halls, within the large academy and leisure centre complex. This was only the second model show held at this delightful place.

Once settled, the stand was quickly populated with quite a mix of models. Everyone set up their modelling areas, had a bacon butty and readied themselves for the day. With regular forays to find more plastic for the stash, mooching among the many displays in the various halls, the day soon passed.

The uneventful journey home ended a very enjoyable day out, with another great venue to add to our list of model shows to visit.

Looking forward to next year's event!

Everyone got stuck into some modelling.

Then disappeared to get some more plastic for the stash,
or just another bacon butty!