Another dip in the Poole!

Hugh, Liz & Steve quickly set up the stand, closely followed by Big Mick and Geoff. Our 3 tables were situated in the usual place, in front of the  dining room's glass doors.

The show seemed quieter than in previous years.

As per usual, The Earley Risers did well at the competition tables, with Hugh, Mick and Steve coming away with awards for ALL their entries!

Both Peter and Roger popped in to see how we faired.

Gold Awards went to Hugh for his Scratch built 1/48 scale Supermarine Channel and to Big Mick for his selection of busts!

Silver Awards went to Steve's 1/12 scale Tyrell 6-wheeler and Arkanaught Frigate as well as his 1/32 scale Wingnut Wings Hannover CL.1

Bronze Awards went to Big Mick for his 1/32 scale Churchill AVRE and to Steve for his 1/16 scale Panzer IV and 1/32 scale M-20 armoured car.

While Steve's German Sniper picked up a Highly Commended award.