Win for Liz at Old Sarum

Liz got a Bronze Award for
her Reading Dragon Flat

Liz and Steve arrived early to set up, closely followed by Martin and Roly. Jeff made up the full complement.

Old Sarum is a small but vibrant show, with lots of aircraft cockpits to clamber into. The forcast bad weather held off, so a bright and breezy day was had by all.

Liz Wins
Liz gained a Bronze award for her Dragon Flat.

In a novel way of running a competition, all entries were left on the club stands, which left the judges having to find them, with no idea where they were, or indeed how many entries there were in each class - as Steve found out when he was volunteered to be a judge in two catergories!

Contrary to the rumour circulating, The airfield isn't closing and the hangars are staying up!