ERs Virtually there in October

 Welcome to our seventh 

month of Lockdown.  

October 2020  

The Earley Risers have kept busy.

Here's what we've all been doing
this month, in roughly the order
the responses arrived...

... Thank you Phil, Martin, Les B, George, Jeff, Andrew, Mark, Hugh, Sean and Peter.

Click on the images to see most of them larger!


"I have completed the Airfix Skyray, which came out OK apart from a small glitch in the paint job. The pic was taken before the main stores were attached. I have several other aircraft lined up (Sword Douglas Skyknight 1/72, Revell F-89 Scorpion in 1/48 and an Academy Grumman Bearcat in 1/48)."




"I have been working on a bust during this period, one of two I mentioned last month. This one, a Soviet Naval Infantryman by Young Miniatures, tested my skill and patience but I am pleased with the result.  I have also invested in a better camera so my photos will be hopefully much improved."


"The Vickers COW Gun Fighter which was donated to me is about to be followed by a Lukgraph Corsair USN biplane – my friend thought these would be like your typical Airfix kit until he opened the boxes…  

I may have to shove him a few shekels to ease my conscience. He’s just bought the Meng Dr 1 but I think he’ll cope with that."

"Stay safe all, and keep smiling..!"







"I have decided to do the VW crew van as a barn find. Most of what I need has been sourced but the plastic frame for the barn isn’t here yet. Additionally a 1:35 Land Rover is taking shape."




George is building a hangar diorama with a couple of Fairey Flycatcher models, (Merit and Armory 1/48 scale) while he's awaiting his Lancaster bits.


I have not really finished very much in the last few weeks, but I have been building a few new bits to go with some of the others.

I have started on the Takom Blitz Porsche Jagdtiger which I purchased a few weeks ago when in Salisbury. A well-produced kit, which has no interior, but has very nice track links with the inner guide teeth taken off as per the full size beast. It is assembling nicely, so hopefully sooner rather than later I will have a 653 tank destroyer unit Porsche Jagdtiger to go with the other items for that unit. 

The other new items in stock are as follows:

Meng VS010 Rolls Royce armoured car.
Yes I know that I already have a part built Roden one but this is very different. It is shown as a 1914 pattern vehicle or as a 1920 pattern vehicle with 2 choices of markings for each version. It has etch spoke wheels too, although it doesn’t appear to have a former to bow the spokes. Really excellent tooling and good quality model looking forward to doing that one.

Miniart 35270 British M3 Lee
This is not a full on version as per the grant with a full interior and engine. It is a simpler build but with optional US or British cupolas for the turret . it also has a fairly large sheet of etch and individual track links which have 2 types of track link t41 or we210 as well. Lots of parts but it looks like it will build up OK. The hull is all separate panels too. There is also a set of Cammo nets and stowage included as well. Another one to look forward to doing.

Bovvy update

I also had a day out with Steve to the tank museum, basically to see the new exhibition space. I must admit that when they have done the second half in the WW2 hall it will look superb. Some of the vehicles have been repainted in a water based paint that can be removed easily. Some look strange in the new colours but I am sure the original colours can be found again with very little effort. Good day out, but recommend pre-booking tickets on their website if you are thinking of going.



Practically finished the 1/35 Miniart Pz.kpfw.IIID. Bit of a large scale for me, but Miniart make absolutely no concessions to buildability so it has been a long haul. To their credit the fit is generally very good.  The wacky suspension is eye catching but building the track runs was absolutely soul destroying, how do these armour modellers do it?

Les B

Les is moving on a pace with his 1/72 Halifax C. Mk VIII / Halton...

"Mark came over and took some pics of the Halton Halifax and several other models I’m working on. Hopefully I may get some of them finished before Christmas! The other kits on the go are a 1/24 TWS Jag XJS, a 1/144 Boeing 737 Kulula Flying 101 and, last but not least, a 1/200 Kruzeshtern Russian training ship. Nicked, I mean ‘acquired’, from the Germans after WW2". 



Due to lack of progress on the Grigorovitch l thought l would do a quickie build and selected the Heritage Aviation Models Chilton DW1. Unfortunately there is nothing quick about it. Currently working on the cockpit which is non-existent in the kit, just solid resin. So have had to vacform a piece to insert where l have cut away the resin. Maybe have something to show next month!


I made several Spitfires last year, so this year is the year of the Hurricane. Having already built 2 Sea Hurricanes, I have now completed an Airfix Mk1 in Battle of Britain colours. 

I have almost completed a MkIIc; as seen in the attached picture, it isn’t yet complete. Sadly a landing light fractured, and as scratch building and I don’t go together the replacement is slightly oversized. I might pluck up courage and take it off again and shorten it. It’s been sprayed in Humbrol Matt clear, but it still has a shine to it so it will get another coat.

I also provide a picture of the F105G that I built for a friend. It was well received, but the friend had underestimated its sheer size and a larger shelf area is going to be needed!


In August on a walk with friends around Hartley Wintney we came across some old tank tracks. I’ll pass these to Steve separately to circulate - I am hoping there will be some of the club members who will be able to name the tanks from which they came!

My son is visiting as I write and he has set us a make and take challenge, and I chose Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter. He thought I’d take the Spitfire Vb...

After that possibly a diorama of a battlefield communion service, or an Airfix HP Victor. Not decided yet.


Lots happening over the last couple of months, sorry missed last month’s update!

Winged thing

Tamiya Thunderbolt P47M 1:35 OTB.  Having fun playing with pre-shading.















Making slow progress on two shelf queens.

Hobby Boss Pz.Kpfw. 38(t) Ausf.G 1:35
This is the old Tristar kit with no interior. Nice little kit pretty much out of the box but with metal tracks.  Base coat complete with some hair spray chipping added to reveal primer and some wear and tear. Markings on and the whole paint job sealed and ready for weathering. First pin wash applied.

Tamiya BT-7 mod.1935 1:35
Coming along nicely, base coat done, with some modulation. Markings are all painted and everything has been sealed. Now the fun bit... weathering!

I’ve completed a simple base. The driver is a mix and match from the spares box modelled to fit and with a Hornet head, you will not see much once the hatches are on. The other two crew are from Evolution Miniatures. They are beautiful, I just hope I can do them justice.

The big project

This is the biggest diorama I’ve ever attempted consisting of a Meng Sherman, Tamiya Jeep, MiniArt church ruin and at least 6 figures. Both vehicles have, or are being, detailed. The Sherman is based on one from the 761st Tank Battalion which was an all-black unit serving in German early in 1945.

It turns out no one makes either black tank crew figures or black heads with WWII helmets etc. Lucky good old Hornet does at least do black heads so I’m fitting tank helmets etc to these. 

I think I now have the basic layout sorted, I’m sure there will be fine tuning but I’m ready to start building the base.

As with the BT-7 got to get back into figure painting!







No visible progress on most of last month’s models, but four things are in progress:

Airfix Mauretania

Now has decks in place. I just have lots of small bits to paint white and add. It would probably be easiest to spray them while doing something else that’s large and white, but when am I likely to be making something like that?

Revell Saturn V

I thought I’d start on this one as it’s a good way to get rid of a large box, and I have a destination for the large white completed model too, which will get rid of that.



Welsh Models Vulcan

Now has wings suitably reduced and attached. Still some filling, sanding and spraying to be done on this one. I haven’t decided whether to cover up the large white areas on the top with some camouflage, or put that colour scheme on a Blue Steel-carrying B2.

KP Mraz M1c Sokol

Unusually, KP don’t seem to have offered an M1c with a UK registration, so I’m going for the one that’s been in the UK since 1947, which I saw at Old Warden last year.