April 2020 Virtual Meeting


 Welcome to our first 

     Virtual Meeting.     

This has been brought upon us
by the Coronavirus Pandemic
sweeping across the world.

With a result that all public meetings have been cancelled. Even just going out has been severely restricted, or cancelled if not urgent or necessary.
In order to keep up or modelling MoJo, ER Members have been asked to submit words and pictures that describe what they were working on. Perhaps something they were going to fiddle with at this month's cancelled meeting.

Here are their replies - in roughly the order they were received, from: Simon, Big Mick, Mark, Tim, Martin, Les B, Phil, Jeff, Peter, Sean, Roger, Liz and Hugh. Thanks you lot!

Click on the images to enlarge (in most cases)


"A bit tongue in cheek, but this is the modelling bench as of this morning. Finally got a day off, so a tidy up and proper modelling will continue shortly and a better pic will follow... Hopefully."


"I am afraid I cannot supply photos of in progress as I only have an old phone, sorry about that. I am still working on about 12 kits at the moment which are all AFV related as well as about 4 others which are either car/truck items. so plenty to keep me busy.

Hope everyone else is keeping well in the group."

Big Mick
We're gonna need a bigger base."

"There you go, a few more Churchies. Started another since then and looking at the Meng M4A3(76)W."


"Many of you will know I have had an obsessive adherence to building in a common scale of 1/48 but I’ve compromised my OCD in order to participate in Pete Bowyer’s Mulberry Harbour SIG. Pete put out an appeal on the IPMS Facebook Group for modellers to build D-Day era vehicles and accessories to ‘dress’ his display of a ‘Whale’ Pontoon, bridging an LST, LCT and a complete Liberty Ship, (all in 1/35 scale!) for SMW 2020.

My contribution will be a selection of US and British Cargo vehicles, a Bren Carrier and a Quad with 25 Pounder plus associated loads/stowage! So far the stowage alone has occupied most of my bench!!!"



"I have just finished my Sea Hurricane. It took 8 days - Finished it Monday, started the previous Monday.
Pics of that and the Avenger on my Gallery page.

What next? A moldy box made my decision (box falling apart due to shed leak). The Academy 1/32 F16CG/CJ. Just about to unwrap it.  Fun!"

"Spayed some primer yesterday.
About to do some gluing."


Les B

"Unfortunately the Camera on my phone is damaged." 

It's moving on!


Workbench before…






…and After.

Now all I have to do
is select a model ...



...There you go!

      Nearly finished!


“Attached is a photo of my bench as at 3.00pm today. Kit in progress is Zvezda Soviet BTR-80A APC. I will finish it as an Iraqi vehicle from the recent war against ISIS - heavily knackered and loaded with kit/loot. Current job (as photo) involves trying to get shiny black vinyl tyres not to look like shiny black vinyl tyres! 

I've recently finished Trumpeter's Supermarine Seafang complete with Trumpeter's deliberate mistakes! Gradually working through the "I'll do that one sometime" box Maybe ought to think about SMW display models since I've got time on my hands.”


"First is an old MiniArt T 80 with lots of detailing. This ones almost done for now and will be put away awaiting paint."

"Next - I'm having a pop at a small diorama. Never done much beyond basic ground work before so using this as a test bed for lots of new techniques. I may try even adding water! Based on a Tamiya Stuart and an old Itateri House Ruin that dates back to the 70's." 


"Finally, for light relief, a Tamiya HE 162 straight out the box.

On the down side I managed to lose the clear canopy parts for the F-86 so a bit buggered there!"


Liz hasn't had much chance to do any modelling thai last month. She has however, got stuck into another Egg Plane!



“These are the most-active of the things on the workbench, though some haven’t been very active recently:"











Welsh Models Shorts 360
Not sure where the transfer for the fuselage cheatline has gone. Not really a problem as this and the ATR42 kit have a transfer sheet covering both, so I have access to a replacement. The main problem with this one is the tendency of the transfers to break into a dozen pieces. Not a Novo-like explosion, but a pain all the same.

Aeropoxy Spartan Cruiser
This one is making progress. Next, I need to see whether the aircraft I plan to make had an undercarriage that resembles what is provided in the kit. 


Aurora Mercedes 300SL:

A modern production car when the kit was made. Everything has gone together very nicely, apart from the windscreen, which doesn’t seem to have been made to fit the same car. Not sure why.

From an era when it wasn’t felt necessary to provide clear plastic parts for the windscreen, so it just came with a frame. I think I might start the whole screen business again from scratch.


Heller (Airfix boxing) 
1:43 Land Rover:

A nice little kit. Would have been better if the body hadn’t been folded nearly double down the centreline when I bought it. Needs the roof and a couple of details painted, but also really needs a spare wheel to be fabricated for the bonnet to cover up the repairs to the fold damage.

Dora Wings Percival Mew Gull:
Making slow progress. 
On to the doors next.






Scratch-built things:
From front to back they are Arrow Active, Aeronca 100 and Aeronca C3.
Only the Aeronca 100 is really getting anywhere so far.

There are also a
• Heston Phoenix (nearly finished),
• Percival Mew Gull (Fuselage and one wing – scruffy and possibly best scrapped),
• DH Hawk Moth (nearly finished then broken apart again)
• Edgar Percival EP9 (tail feathers only but feeling hopeful).

Avis Lee-Richards:
The original aircraft flew quite well; the kit is a determined tail-sitter.
I thought I had stuffed a fair bit of lead in the nose, but clearly not enough. I have a sneaky solution to the problem, however. Slowly gaining bracing wires.





Amodel Hawker Hector:
The entire set of sprues had been sprayed with a strange metal flake silver colour, which is unsuitable for every single component of the completed model. However, like the Mercedes, the Land Rover and the Shorts 360 it had the advantage of being cheap as it was part-started (even if the start was just a poor spray job).



Airfix Control Tower: 
Discussion on the web seems to suggest that this kit doesn’t match the design of any RAF control tower ever built (the first floor balcony should be cantilevered from a flush wall, rather than the ground floor projecting beyond the first floor). So I guess it’s a model of the control tower of RAF Haldane Bridge (that name sounds about right). Just about finished. This one was also cheap, not because it was started but because a mouse had chewed a hole in the corner of the box and started in one corner of the instructions to turn them into a paper doily before breaking into the inner bag and being sorely disappointed.



"That’s just what’s at the front of the queue, leaving aside 2xDC9s, 2xBAC 1-11s, a VC10, Varsity, HS125, DH89, Citroen Light 15, Lincoln Continental, Hoverfly 1, Genet Moth and Piper Pawnee. I do feel that perhaps I ought to be making a Churchill though, as they seem to be in fashion.”



"French Hussar is nearly finished just needs the stirrups and reins to be complete."

"The Life Guards are in the process of being worked on next."



“Spent 45 minutes sanding back primer on masking tape representing rib tapes, followed by another cycle of priming and sanding to reduce their prominence."

"After 2 weeks, still think they are too prominent. Seriously running low on patience, primer and perseverance."

"Now trying to work out how best to do the autumn leaf camo on the Aviatic Berg."

"Takes a surprising amount of time and ruins a paintbrush."

"A bit more to go yet."