Les Beaumont

I started modelling in about 1955

My first model was a racing car (BRM?) bought from Chapel Market, Islington, North London by my mum for about 1s 11d.

I carried on modelling for few years then booze and birds (B&B) took over!

Came back to the hobby in 1960s after my sister's boyfriend gave me a load of models (Aurora?) DH2 fighter, DH10 bomber, SE5 fighter plane - although I still carried on with the B&B! I've been a keen modeller more or less ever since - I still have lots to learn.

I buy lots of models because I can't say "No" to a bargain or a model of something I particularly want (e.g. Russian AN124) but like everyone else, I don't build as many as I'd like too.

I enjoy modelling everything really, anything that catches my eye. They're probably mostly aircraft and ships. I've made myself a spray booth with an extractor (and a hole in the wall) to stop the spray from getting everywhere, including my lungs, and prevent hairs and dust settling in the new paint. I use all sorts of paints especially Tamiya and Humbrol but have loads of pots of Xtracolor as well.

I try to get along to as many shows as possible because it's good to meet like-minded folk to learn from and there's always the temptation to buy more models.

I now have a large collection of unmade models – most of the models I have made I have given away. I also have lots of works-in-progress, best guess is about 15. I shall probably continue making models indefinitely...

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