Sparkling Performance at Abingdon!

Not only did Liz, Hugh and Steve win Gold Awards for their models,
but Hugh's model - his Fe-8 - went on to be voted Best in Show!

Jeff arrived early, quickly followed by Liz & Steve. The tables were soon covered, with Rolly, Geoff, Les B and Hugh arriving in short manner to populate the stand with models. We also covered and populated Wallingford's adjacent tables, as nobody else from that club turned up! The numbers were increased by Les V - who turned up to sell some models(!), along with Sean and Phil.

After an inital flurry of visitors, the numbers seemed to drop off. Although some traders seemed happy, with a steady pace of purchases from club members and visitors alike, others were lamenting the lack of sales. 

Hugh's Winning Fe-8 has done it again!


Liz's Nautilus struck Gold again... did Steve's 4-4-0 Lucifer loco
His Corsair gained a Silver... did his 'Bird on a Bird' anime figure.


Steve's Abrams and 'Follow Me' jeep were awarded
Commended and Bronze