A good turnout at Milton Keynes

Earley Risers make a stand!

Milton Keynes opened up the massive MK Dons Centre for the first time since COVID lockdown. With its massive main hall, two upper level areas and room off to one side, it was certainly a mammoth show.

Mick arrived first, closely followed by Hugh, Liz and Steve. Then Phil, Simon and Tim L. Geoff dropped off a couple of models to populate our new style stand. And what a stand!

After a few complaints about our SMW display stand, Steve, Hugh and Liz set about creating a display stand where no models were in shadow, or 'underneath' others. The result is a three tiered display - which actually has three more shelf units than the previous version.

Supermarine Channel Seaplane

General Rollet

Competition Winners

This year, MK decided to judge from all models on all the club stands. Those deemed class winners were presented with plaques. They were then placed on separate tables to be judged for best in show.


Andrew's Garage
(from the Wallingford stand!)

There was certainly a lot more space behind the stand at this show. Geoff, Andrew, Peter, Nigel and Tim P were able to 'Network' during the day. There was plenty of room to relax and for 'Plastic Fuddling' of purchases, whilst consuming tea and cakes!