A closer look at our models in Blue!

Here are a set of images showing all the Blue models on The Earley Risers.

If you click on each one, you will be able to see an even larger version. Enjoy!

Top row
Mercedes 500SL
  by Jeff
Dauphin by George
Me 108 by Tim

Middle row
Oxford by Mark
Helldiver by Tim
Arkanaut by Steve

Bottom row
Corsair by Mark
Sea Harrier by Mark
Egg Corsair by Liz
MGB by Hugh

Top row
Hornet by Mick
Egg Hornet by Mick
Viggen by Mick

Middle row
LVT2 by Jeff
Transit by Martin

Bottom row
Sarge by Liz
Sabre by Mick
Bugatti 100HP
  by Hugh
Gobzuki Ork by Liz
Deltic by Tref
Chinese Junk
  by Andrew

Top row
1936 Ford by Jeff
Bugatti 35B by Peter
MG TD by Peter
Mini Cooper by Geoff

Middle row
Dragon head by Liz
1949 Ford by Phil
Desert Nomad by Mick

Bottom row
Spectrum PV by Martin
Hannover CI11 by Steve
VW Beetle by Martin
Dragon flat by Liz


Top row
King of the Night
  by Mick
Bugatti 55SS
  by Les V

Middle row
Shaun the Sheep
  Landrover by Liz
Shaun the Sheep
  Digger by Liz

Bottom row
Gloster VI by Hugh
Porterfield CP50
  Collegiate by Peter
FW190 by Tim
Dark Eldar Raider
  by Liz

Top row
Hellcat by Tim
Mil Mi-2 by Martin

Middle row
Austin Tilly by Phil
Peugeot 205 by Jeff

Bottom row
Tyrell P34 by Steve
PV-1 Ventura by Tim