Newbury Scale Model Show 2011

2 April 2011 NewMod 2011

Newbury Scale Model Club have put on a good show at the new venue. Park House School. It was vastly improved, with more space and light creating an altogether better environment. We were able to both see the models on display and had enough room to peruse the many trader stands in evidence.

The club was represented by Liz and Steve, Hugh, Sean and Jeff, Edward and Les. The full stand created quite a lot of interest from both other modellers and members of the public alike. George and Richard looked after the Wallingford stand next to us.

Hugh, Les and Steve entered models into the competition, although only Hugh and Steve came away with medals. Hugh with a Third for his scratchbuilt Gnome engine and Steve a Second with his Leonardo da Vinci gunship.

01 NewMod 2011 Stand 1.JPG

NewMod 2011 Stand 1

02 NewMod 2011 Stand 2.JPG

NewMod 2011 Stand 2

03 NewMod 2011 Stand 3.JPG

NewMod 2011 Stand 3

600 Hugh's engine and Steve's gunship.jpg

Hugh's engine and Steve's gunship