Avon 2011

Earley Start at Avon

We all trudged down to Yate for this year’s IPMS Avon show. Jeff, Liz and Steve with Hugh and Edward manned an impressive stand with a much varied selection of models. Indeed so much was the stand liked that we won the award for the Best Stand. (Les did contribute some models to the stand as well.) Steve’s Da Vinci boat thing gained a Second in the Ship Class and Liz won The Antics Award for her ‘Egg Knight with Lizard’ figure.

We managed to survive the sweltering heat in the small room off the main hall and, when not wandering around the show to cool down, spent the time chattering to a seemingly endless queue of people interested in our models.

Hugh dashed off to a live steam day that involved a footplate trip on an engine he’s been sponsoring for thirty or so years. He came back with a big grin and a face load of coal smuts.

A very pleasant and successful day...

00 Risers win Best Stand.jpg

Risers win Best Stand

01 Erisers stand at Avon.jpg

Erisers stand at Avon

02 Liz wins Antics trophy.jpg

Liz wins Antics trophy

03 Steve was 2nd in ship class.jpg

Steve was 2nd in ship class