Abingdon 2011

Liz and Steve set up in the bright sunshine at Larkmead School in Abingdon, you wouldn’t have thought it was the First of October!
They were joined later by Andrew, driving a natty new wheelchair. The trio managed to fill three tables and still had enough to enter the competitions.

Andrew won a Bronze award for his Japanese warship, and George, who with Richard was manning the Wallingford stand, gained a Silver Award for his Scottish soldier.

Steve did very well too, he won Gold awards for his Tsetse and Me 109G 6 and a Silver for his Leonardo da Vinci Multiplas ship. It was good to see Andy from Antics in winning form as well. He took a Gold and Bronze for two tank models that he was building at COLOURS last month.

On the IPMS stand we were able to see the layout for SMW in more detail than has been published. It would appear that there is no direct access to the stand via the Falcon Aviation stand to the right of Wallingford. This may cause problems for George in his wheelchair, we will wait and see.


00 Abingdon Stand 1.jpg

Abingdon Stand 1

00 Abingdon Stand 2.jpg

Abingdon Stand 2

01 Abingdon Hall.jpg

Abingdon Hall

02 Abingdon Steve's awards.jpg

Abingdon Steve's awards

03 Abingdon Steve's gold.jpg

Abingdon Steve's gold

04 Abingdon George's silver.jpg

Abingdon George's silver

05 Abingdon Andrew's bronze.jpg

Abingdon Andrew's bronze